About Dardis.com

Dardis.com is a consulting company staffed by Barry Dardis and Marcie Dardis.

Barry Dardis teaches seminars on Basis AC-DC theory as it applies to telephony. The class begins with basic theory and proceeds to spectrum analyzation of the power systems that cause telephone noise. Students are schooled in techniques to mitigate these situations. Advance repair is also a subject matter involving ADSL and digital systems.

Anticipatory lightning protection and single point grounding is a topic for persons interested in solving and preventing damage from lightning strikes. The equipment recommended for protection will detect a lightning strike at least 250 milliseconds before the strike occurs and disconnect equipment to prevent damage from GPR (ground potential rise) events. Barry did the original equipment conceptional design of this equipment.

Single point ground is covered in detail.

Marcie Dardis is a LAC (licensed addiction counselor) and LPN (licensed practical nurse.) She provides consulting services to treatment center involving JCAHO requirements, policy and procedure, and process group techniques.

Barry and Marcie both have extensive carriers in the above subject material.

Barry and Marcie Dardis

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